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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 18, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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quietly and now are on their way to atlanta for the nfc championship game. outside the 49ers practice field javier rodriguez had his camera focused on a 2-inch gap in the fence. for fans like him there was no opportunity to small to catch a glimpse of his favorite team. >> i was actually taking some pictures of the team trying to get some good snapshots so i could share them with my kids and say hey, i was there at the practice game. >> reporter: off the practice field team spirits were high. >> it feels like our team is determined, focused, ready to get on a plane and get ready to play a football game. >> reporter: after last weekend's decisive win against the packers oddsmakers have the 9ers favored to beat the atlanta falcons by four points. coach jim harbaugh cautioned against overconfidence. >> counteract that, we've been doing that by preparation and studying for this test. >> it's going to be the same routine. it's just in atlanta, not here. >> reporter: quarterback colin kaepernick broke an nfl weekend
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last weekend with 181 rushing yards in a single game. he says there's no time for nerves or anything between now and sunday. >> i don't have time to stop and think, too much work to be done. >> reporter: in the shadow of the new 49ers stadium the team packed up their duffel bags and minutes later boarded the buses to the airport on the way to atlanta. >> see you later. >> reporter: coach harbaugh was asked about the possibility of playing against the baltimore ravens in the super bowl. his brother john is the head coach of that team, but in response harbaugh says he hasn't spoken to his brother this week. meantime the 49er faithful lock in their plans for sunday's championship game. ktvu's paul chambers is going to tell us about the rush on to the showdown. >> reporter: if you're looking for a direct flight between sfo and atlanta, you may be out of
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luck. all six flights are sold out today which is a very common theme for anything 49ers especially at a store down in the south bay. even before the store opened today there was a line of people outside all waiting to get their hands on anything that said colin kaepernick. >> i was waiting a half hour with two other women. >> my son wanted a kaepernick sweat shirt. so i'm here for him. >> reporter: last week kakui designed this shirt in honor of the 49er quarterback who has a connection to the bay area store because the owner also has a tattoo shop where kaepernick gets his ink. >> when we worked with kaepernick on a design we decided to do something based on his tattoos. >> reporter: demand has been so high they've sold out of the t-shirts. they used to order merchandise by the hundreds, but now by the thousands which still might not be enough because the owners say kaepernick wore this t-
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shirt on his instagram this morning. >> i think he's the type of young quarterback that can relate to young people with tattoos. >> it's really about kaepernick and this design and collaboration is all about him as a player and how he connects with our brand. >> reporter: they expect to sell out today, but they'll have a new shipment tomorrow including the kaepernick t- shirt he wore in the instagram starting at 11:00. however, that's not the only place it's selling out of 49ers gear. at 6:00 i'll tell you about your chances of getting a flight last minute direct and about a party supply store that says you better get your party supplies soon or you might be out of luck. we're going to look into the future. should the 49ers beat the falcons and make the super bowl, the 9ers are billing this playoff as their quest for six. they are certainly familiar with their two possible opponents. first in line the baltimore ravens. they faced them thanksgiving
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night in the 2011 season. this is one of the few offensive highlights from that game we could bring. the 49ers muster only two field goals. 9ers coach jim harbaugh faced his brother john coach of the ravens. the older brother got bragging rights, ravens won 16-6. then we have the new england patriots. this was a good one. they were tied 31-31 in the 4th quarter about a month ago, but michael crabtree takes a colin kaepernick pass, breaks a tackle and makes the winning touchdown. the 49ers had squandered a 28 point lead but rallied for a 41- 34 win. i hope you have snacks ready because ktvu has you covered for sunday's nfc championship game against the falcons. starting at 9:30 a.m. is championship playbook followed by the championship race and fox pregame show. then noon is game time. following the game we'll have point after for you. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. oakland mayor jean quan
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voice her support today for her police chief's controversial decision to solicit advice from bill bratton, former chief for both los angeles and new york city police departments and he supports so-called stop and frisk policies which some argue amount to racial profiling. today mayor quan sent an open letter to the city council which says in part, "we've been hearing worries bratton's past policies could be used in oakland in a way that contributes to racial profiling. racial profiling will not be tolerated in the oakland police department, period." oakland police chief howard jordan wants to pay bratton $250,000 to try to help solve the city's problem with violent crime. the driver of a 30-foot big rig is recovering from moderate injuries tonight after an accident left his truck upside down in a ditch in petaluma this morning. the accident stopped traffic shortly after 9:00 on old adobe road near green stream farm. no other vehicles were involved and the cause is under
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investigation. the truck is registered to a paving company called northwest general engineering, which is based in santa prose rosa. the santa clarita county department a. 30-year-old samantha pham of elk grove took advantage of an early keller man from campbell -- an elderly man from campbell, convinced the man to refinance his home, buy her a lexus and make a $200,000 investment in her boyfriend's company. she was arrested wednesday. black ice and treacherous road conditions caused three separate accidents in the north bay today, all three happening at river and wohler road. just before 6 a.m. one car hit a patch of black eye, spun out and overturned. a second -- black ice, spun out and overturned, a second car crashed into the first one and a third spun off the road. monster waves are making their way across the pacific and are expected to reach the
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san mateo county coast in time for the big maverick surfing competition sunday. ktvu's patty lee is live along the coast where excitement is building about as fast as those waves. >> reporter: there's a tangible feeling of excitement in this surfing town which has waited years for this contest to return. surfers are having a tough time finding any waves to catch, but that is about to change. ocean rafts, jet skis and photographers pulled into pillar point to get ready for sun's competition. >> if you're dealing -- sunday's competition. >> if you're dealing with boats and jet skis, it definitely takes a few days to gear up. >> reporter: jeff coska is making sure rescue crews are ready to prepare for the worst. time is running out, but no one seems to mind. >> this swell has hit hawaii. that means it's on its way here. >> reporter: 24 of the world's best surfers are also en route to half moon bay many flying in
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from hawaii captain robert brown arrived this afternoon to set up his camera boat used to film much of the movie chasing mavericks. his job this time? live stream the competition on the web. >> you don't have to go can see it from here. >> reporter: the san mateo's sheriff's department said the plan is to keep crowds from the breech front where a dozen spectators were -- beachfront where a dozen spectators were injured by big waves in 2010. >> we're ready for whatever happens. hopefully we'll be able to enjoy the show like everybody else. >> reporter: for folks still trying to find beachfront areas to watch the surf contest, you will not be cited, but you will be asked to move. we will tell you about the best places to view this contest coming up at 6:00 as well as why the 49ers game is throwing a wrench into the preparation plans. patty lee, ktvu, channel 2
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news. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking conditions in the ocean right now and joins us from the weather center. it looks like the waves are pretty flat now. >> yeah. when you look at current conditions, bowie heights not impressive, maybe 2 to 4 feet, but things are changing way out in the pacific. here is a model of the swell heights. let me look at some of the spots out to our west. not too impressive out here about, 4 feet, but look what happens to the west of this line here jumping up 15 feet, closer to 18 feet. so we have some major swell on the way set to move into the region as we head into saturday, but especially sunday. as a result high surf advisory begins tomorrow morning at 10:00 until 4:00 sunday afternoon. the dangerous part here, we'll have very nice weather this weekend, a lot of the visitors to the bay area shoreline. you want to be extra chafe because we'll have periods of calm seas, but during that period you'll have swells
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increasing. as far as the forecast for mavericks that, swell gets amplified as it gets focused closer to pillar point, waves easily topping 30 feet. it's always a challenge to have the perfect match-up with the conditions, but that will happen this evening. offshore winds at 8 miles per hour, a dropping tide throughout the day, temperatures under mostly sunny skies on track to reach lower 60s by 1:00 sunday afternoon. so the conditions are lining up perfectly. just be extra careful across the entire shoreline. we'll have more on the nice weather forecast in a bit. >> be sure to go to sunday. we'll have news chopper 2 over mavericks beach, the surfing area, so you can watch as the surfers try to ride those massive waves at pillar point. it's hard to see from the shore. we'll stream it live from our website. a trial is underway for a man charged with one of silicon valley's deadliest office shootings. opening statements began
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yesterday. prosecutors say judge hua wu gunned -- jing hua wu shot down three employees. if convicted wu could face life in prison without parole. los angeles county sheriff's deputies say actor robert wagner has not consented to an interview into the investigation of the death of his wife natalie wood. authorities opened this case after a review led the coroner to change the classification from accidental to undetermined because of bruises on wood's arm. wood drowned next to the couple's boat back in 1981. detectives say three interviewed more than 100 people in the reopened case, some not interviewed originally. university of california president mark yudof is stepping down. today he announced plans to resign the end of august citing health issues. the 68-year-old you off became head of the 10 campus system
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almost -- 68-year-old yudof became head of the 10 campus system 15 years ago. hayward police askelp tryin 64-year-old missing woman. jeannette tsang left her independent living facility tuesday morning. she was spotted in oakland thursday afternoon but has yet to return to that facility. police say she has left before, but never has been gone this long. fever, sweating, cough, sinus problems. >> we've heard how widespread the flu is across the country. today the ominous update from california officials on the virus. >> a man received his sentence for killing two people at the richmond san rafael bridge. would the judge grant his odd request? you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. state health officials say
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the flu is ramping up faster than reported. today authorities reported another death in southern california. john fowler joins us with the details and news about vaccines. >> spoke by phone today with the state's top flu expert who tried to calm public worries about vaccine supplies, that as more and more people are getting sick. the flu is hitting the bay area hard. >> fever, sweating, cough, sinus problems. >> the state upgraded influenza to widespread today. >> the level of activity reported exceeds where would be expected for this time of the year. this may prove to be more severe flu season. >> apparently more people are getting vaccinated. >> i ended up getting a flu shot this year and i've never had a flu shot before. >> health officials say most of the flu this year is type a, specifically the more dangerous
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subtype h3. fortunately that is the exact type in this year's vaccine. the state reports spot shortages of vaccine right now. california received 18 million doses. nationwide there's 15 million in reserve. i called this cvs pharmacy in walnut creek that was out of vaccine last week. today a pharmacist said she had some but expects to run out this weekend. >> i'm not concerned enough to have taken the flu shot. >> reporter: health officials remind you the vaccine protects not only you but the vulnerable around you. >> i'm a new older brother. he's a baby. so to see something like that happen to him, i'd be devastated. >> reporter: health officials also remind you to wash your hands, stay home if you're sick to avoid what could be the most severe flu season in years. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. washington hospital in freemont is trying to get the word out it's not to late to
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get a flu shot. today the hospital offered the shots for $10 apiece. hospital officials say they have plenty of vaccine in stock. >> we always plan ahead to make sure we have enough vaccine to last through the flu season. so we have plenty to help our community. >> washington hospital says it will continue to offer flu shots at its urgent care center from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. a san francisco law professor predicts lance armstrong's televised confession to doping could trigger a new criminal investigation. as we first reported early this week, oprah winfrey had an interview with lance armstrong in which armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs when he was competing in the tour de france. peter keen of golden gate university says that admission may prompt the u.s. attorney to reopen its criminal case against armstrong. keen said giving armstrong a pass would amount to a legal double standard. federal prosecutors have not commented. police at uc davis launched a criminal investigation into
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an explosion at a campus apartment that injured a student researcher. it's still unclear what the student was doing when the explosion happened yesterday. officials from the fbi and bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms removed dangerous chemicals from the apartment. the student hurt one of his hands in the blast. at this point no one is in custody. a judge sentenced a richmond man to death today for killing his ex-girl friend and her friend at the teleplays after the richmond san rafael bridge in 2009. 49-year-old nathan burris was convicted two months ago on two counts of murder. burris admitted he killed the two because he believed they were romantically involved. he told jurors he didn't care if they convicted him and sentenced him to death and today he told the judge the sentence didn't matter because legal battles over the penalty make his execution unlikely. authorities say a tip led to the arrest of a fugitive in a 2- year-old hit and run case.
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police made the arrest wednesday after police found 42- year-old lazares was flying in today. in 2011 he was involved in a crash that claimed the life of 56-year-old motorcyclist john kerney. california's jobless rate was unchanged last month at 9.8%. the employment development department said 1.8 million californians were unemployed in december. california's unemployment rate fell below 10% in november the first time in nearly four years. look at what's happening in the bay area. marin county has the lowest rate at 5.5%, san mateo county at 6%. contra costa and alameda county came in at 8.2%. on wall street today stocks recorded their third straight week of gains. the down 53, nasdaq down one, but the s&p 500 rose by five.
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another spare the air alert in effect tomorrow, air quality officials say the high pressure system is trapping an unhealthy amount of pollution across the bay area. you can see a little haze at the top of mount diablo. that means no indoor or outdoor woodburning for 24 hours except for homes with no other heat source. this is the fourth consecutive winter spare the air alert this week and the seventh for the season. >> once we get past those cold mornings the rest of the day is incredible. >> it's been sunny. this afternoon temperatures, we're talking about a warm-up. it felt really nice with mid- to a few upper 60s across parts of the region, still more nice temperatures in the forecast as we head into the weekend. temperatures this afternoon ranged from the lower 60s to the upper 60s, oakland maxing out 68 degrees, san jose 64, santa rosa after the cold start with some fog this morning
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maxed out to 63 degrees two hours ago. right now on live stormtracker 2 a dry weather pattern in place, a few high clouds from the dense fog hugging the coast up to our north near cape mendocino. we'll be watching that fog primarily to our north, could be touching the tip of the sonoma county shoreline. updated temperatures, still mild with upper 50s to right about 60 degrees in san francisco, pretty chilly in fairfield, 51 degrees. first thing saturday morning, not too much change, fair skies and patchy valley fog, especially haven't seen much toward the east bay, but in the north bay santa rosa had it the last couple mornings, chilly overnight low 29 degrees, coldest locations in the upper 20s to around 30, oakland forecast low 37 and san jose 38 degrees to start your saturday.
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here we go. tomorrow morning we're chilly at 7:00, showing you the 30s and 40s. look what happens into the afternoon hours, mild weather pattern returning warming to the upper 50s. that's the blue contour. the green contour in the 60s, right around 60 degrees, still looking good for the afternoon hours. coming up we'll take a detailed look at the forecast high for your neighborhood. i'm tracking shower chances on the long range weather maps, let you know when that could move back into the bay area. prepare to say good-bye, the controversial piece of security equipment that will disappear from at least two bay area airports. >> what kind of gun control reform should we expect? our washington d.c. girl sat down with senator barbara boxer, the strategy she believes is the solution.
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a federal appeals court told upheld a contentious wisconsin law that stripped most state workers of collective bargaining rights. seven public unions including those representing teachers and police officers sued two years ago to overturn the measure. in march a federal judge overturned part of the day, but today the appeals court ruled the entire act is constitutional. a second lawsuit is pending. the 113th congress is off and running tackling everything from gun control to the deficit. our washington d.c. bureau spoke with california senator barbara boxer today about the prospects for action in a
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politically polarized capital. >> how do we get it done? you just keep on pushing and pushing. how did we ever get the right to vote for women? it took a long time. you know, the president said something that is so right. he said change doesn't happen unless the people get behind it. >> barbara boxer served 20 years in the senate and before that 10 years in the house. she admits congress has a reputation for gridlock, not action, but boxer notes she managed to pass a hard fought highway and transportation bill in part through the support of her constituents. she believes that strategy will work for gun safety. >> so we know if 90% of the people are behind background checks and they start ringing these phones off the hook here, we'll get background checks. >> boxer says she'll work with fellow california senator dianne feinstein on a tougher gun safety measure, a ban on assault weapons. boxer said gun safety and the
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economy are front burner issues, but she'd like to see action on two other issues she believes are especially critical to california, climate change and immigration reform. hundreds of thousands of people are expected in the nation's capital monday for president obama's inauguration. coming up the rush for tickets and the distance some people traveled to be part of history. undergraduate applications to the university of california's nine campuses have taken a big jump this year. nearly 175,000 high school seniors and transfer students have applied for admission next fall, an increase of 8.6% from last year partly driven by a surge in applications from outside california. the tsa is changing the kind of full body scanners used at san jose and oakland airports. it's going to stop using the scanners that show an image that looks like a naked body in the coming months and switch to a different brand that produces a generic image like an avatar. sfo uses the avatar type full
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body scanners. the naked body types generated numerous complaints about invasion of privacy. >> reporter: rip currents, live at rodeo beach. >> reporter: how good are bathe area's bar pilots? still -- the bay area's bar pilots? still ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. they are awesome to look at but dangerous if you get close. high waves will roll into bay area beaches through the weekend. there is a high surf advisory in effect now till sunday afternoon. the u.s. coastguard is issuing a warning to surfers and anyone
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near the ocean this weekend. ktvu's jade hernandez is live at rodeo beach in marin county. >> reporter: surfers experienced fair surf conditions here at rodeo beach. to give you an idea just how high those waves got out there, they came to about my waist and i'm 5' 4. this weekend those waves are expected to surge above my head. here at ocean beach waves reached at their peak 3 to 4 feet, but ocean waters along the coast could hit to 5 to 8 feet this weekend. that's head high to 3 feet above. up near point ray's national seashore waves could swell 8 to 10 feet. we got surfer pete schmidt taking advantage of 2-foot waves. >> everybody is really happy just because there hasn't been any waves the past three days. >> reporter: but the u.s. coastguard has seen what treacherous sneaker waves can do. >> the ocean is not forgiving. >> reporter: the first day of 2013 at point reyes national seashore a husband and wife were caught in a strong wave
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walking their dog on the beach. the husband didn't survive. last november a eureka family of three drowned trying to save their dog swept into the pacific. >> those were a couple devastating situations. we really hope that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the spokesman for the golden gate recreation area stressed the high surf dangers near the edge. >> you can't let your guard down. >> the ocean is a dangerous place if you don't respect it. >> reporter: rip currents and cold ocean water about 50 degrees tonight offered dangers, but keep in mind there's periods of calm in between the wave sets and often that gives a false sense of security. that advisory is in effect until sunday at 4 p.m. reporting live at rodeo beach tonight, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the san mateo county letter carrier pleaded no contest to stealing credit cards and other mail. police arrested 38-year-old romeo natan of san bruno in
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november. another suspect in the case fingered natan as the source of his stolen credit card. surveillance video showed natan using stolen credit cards and that he had 3,000 pieces of undelivered mail in his home. in sonoma county today the last defendant was sentenced in the gang-related abduction and torture of a young man terry ou in a beach parking lot in 2008 when he refused to sell them drugs. today the last defendant received a nine year prison sentence. three other defendants are already in prison. ou testified against his attackers at trial. in retaliation four other men killed his brother terry at the same beach. all four are serving life terms for that murder. facebook is one step closer to building a second campus. the social networking company and city of menlo park agreed to a $1.35 million deal to be built near its current
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headquarters. the agreement goes to menlo park city council next week. a design flaw in a lithium ion battery appears to be what led to a boeing making an emergency landing wednesday in western japan. the faa has grounded the entire fleet of new dreamliners in the u.s. as a result of that incident and other mishaps aboard boeing's newest jetliner. a japanese inspector says an overheating battery that filled the cockpit with a strong odor was operating at a voltage higher than it was designed to. we have new information about the damaged fender on the bay bridge. caltrans announced today crews will begin to repair the damage tuesday. an oil tanker hit one of the piers on the western span january 7th. caltrans says the fender worked as it was designed to absorbing the impact from the tanker. the main pier was not damaged, but crews must replace the damaged steel and plastic fender section at a cost of about $3 million. the work should be finished in 4 1/2 months. the man in command of that
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tanker when it hit the bridge appears to have one of the worst records of his fellow bar pilots. ktvu consumer editor tom baker has been looking into the numbers. >> reporter: prior to the january 7th collision with the bay bridge fern system, bar pilot guy kleess had three other reportable incidents. even without the current incident, the seven year veteran appears to have racked up the second worst percentage of incidents and the worst among long time pilots. to say the least, this incident is getting a very close look by the board of pilot commissioners, the state licensing agency. >> they are working with the coastguard and other agencies to compile all the information and make sure that they have a full picture before any recommendations are made to the board. >> reporter: an analysis of 15 plot records unearthed by the examiner shows that nine pilots, most with far more experience than kleess, had only one reportable incident. two have had two incidents each. two have each had three
5:36 pm
incidents. one pilot had seven incidents but in 24 years and one with eight incidents but over four decades, all of them on state approved licenses. >> the program is very rigorous and prescribed by state and federal law and the commission makes sure that everything is followed. >> reporter: sources tell me many of the incidents are minor in nature, others mood rately serious such as groundings but far from the seriousness of the cosco busan and the overseas reymar. there are over 8,000 ship movements in the bay every year. this is 34 incidents over many years. you decide. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. former new orleans mayor ray nagin has been indicted on 24 federal counts including wire fraud, bribery and money laundering. nagin came to national prominence during hurricane katrina in 2005.
5:37 pm
these charges come from nagin's term of mayor. british bank hsbc agreed to pay millions of dollars to settle complaints that it wrongly foreclosed on some american homes. the bank will pay homeowners up to $125,000 each and spend $153 million to slash mortgage balances and forgive some loans. federal officials say some cases involved robo signing in which the bank automatically signed off on foreclosures without properly reviewing documents. this is the 13th panic to settle with the federal government over -- bank to settle with the federal government over foreclosures. hundreds of thousands of vehicles with a serious safety issue, we'll tell you about the models being recalled and the risk drivers face behind the wheel. >> and what was it? investigators track down the unusual item that fell from the sky and punched a hole in the roof of a southern california home. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more
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that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay area locations, online or both. learn more at and let nothing stand in your way. honda is recalling 748,000 vehicles because of a problem with the driver's side air bag. honda said it hasn't ha h any crashes or injuries relate -- hasn't had any crashes or injuries related to the issue. this recall covers pilot suvs in the 2009 through 2013 model years as well as odyssey vans in the 2011 through 2013 model years. honda says owners should take the vehicles to a dealer as
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soon as they receive notification of the recall. a recent settlement with a massachusetts college could have implications for college food services all over the country. the justice department reached a settlement with leslie college last month in cambridge. the student complained about the absence of gluten free food. the justice department said food allergies are a disability and pursued the case. it could mean college food services could be liable for not serving foods that help people avoid allergic reaction. the marine corps says it will pay for damages after a 5- gallon bucketful of cleaning nude fell from one of its aircraft and went -- fluid fell from one of its aircraft and went through the roof of a business wednesday night after an osprey aircraft took off from miramar air station. marines say it was strapped down but apparently came loose and fell through the hatch. no one was in the auto renovation business when it came down. >> when they came in and opened the shop this morning, the first person on their bay floor noticed this on the ground,
5:42 pm
looked up, saw the hole in ceiling and obviously something occurred. >> authorities called in a hazmat team, but the water- based solution had already evaporated and posed no threat. the sonoma county board of zoning rejected a state plan to charge fees at 14 parking lots at 10 free state beaches in the county. the state said it needed the money to help pay for maintenance. people who spoke against the plan said it would cause more people to park along the highway and that's already a safety hazard. couldn't believe it. >> they won the lottery for inaugural tickets, that is, the big migration to our nation's capital for president obama's inauguration. >> our mild weather pattern will linger into the weekend, coming up the areas that could hit the low 70s and when shower chances resurface on the five- day forecast.
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more than half a million people are expected to crowd streets of the nation's capital monday for president obama's inauguration. washington bureau reporter kylee campbell spoke with people who traveled hundreds of miles to witness history. >> reporter: in the days before the inauguration tourists converge on capitol hill. >> amazing. everybody is excited and the energy is very electrifying. you can just feel it, so i love it. >> reporter: inauguration planners distributed 250,000 tickets and expect more than twice that to pack the national mall. >> we've been planning for many, many months to have a robust crowd management plan in
5:46 pm
place regardless of the crowd size. >> reporter: california congressman mike honda gave up about 200 tickets through a lottery and a writing contest. >> sharing with us some ideas how we can improve this country and the government. >> reporter: this group won tickets through senate majority leader harry reid's lottery. >> i was ecstatic. so i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: not only are people from all over the country in to witness history with the presidential inauguration, we talked to people who drove 10 hours from canada to the nation's capital. >> it's a huge honor for us. >> reporter: these two toronto police officers are here with a drill team from michigan to take part in the inauguration parade. >> this is a world event. so for us to be able to come here and be part of it and we understand a lot about american history, it really makes it special for us. >> reporter: after years of planning organizers tell us the city is ready for the crush of visitors. >> ktvu will have live coverage of president obama's
5:47 pm
inauguration beginning sunday. ken pritchett and tori campbell will be in washington d.c. house republicans said they will agree to a three-month extension to the nation's debt ceiling but would not agree to a long term increase until both chambers approve a budget. the president said this week he would not negotiate with congress when it comes to pay are for spending congress has already approve -- comes to paying for spending congress has already approved. san mateo county is planning a gun buyback next weekend saturday, january 26th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the county event center. organizers say they're offering $100 per handgun, shotgun and rifle and $200 for assault weapons. congresswoman jackie spear is funding the buy back, no word how much money is available. remember, a buyback event in marin county was so popular officials actually ran out of cash. u.s. officials now say one american worker has been found dead in that algerian natural
5:48 pm
gas complex that was seized by terrorists. the hostage standoff at the british petroleum facility is in its third day, but it's unclear how many people have died since the algerian government launched a counter attack and how many escaped. reuters reports more than 20 people are being held captive and up to 30 have been killed. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke with the algerian prime minister today. >> to get an update on this very difficult situation and to underscore again that the utmost care must be taken to preserve innocent life. >> islamic militants seized the plant in retaliation for an attack on another group in mali. it's no joke, the sister of comedian stephen colbert is said to be planning a run for congress in south carolina. a spokesman for elizabeth colbert bush says she plans to file papers next week to enter the race as a democrat. colbert who unlike her brother
5:49 pm
pronounces the t in her last name is a college administrator and will run for the seat vacated by congressman tim scott. the race includes one other democrat and 10 republicans including former south carolina governor mark sanford. alicia keys is reportedly getting ready to perform at the super bowl. ♪ this girl is on fire ♪ >> the associated press reports the grammy winning artist will perform the national anthem at the big game february 3rd in new orleans. the nfl hasn't officially announced the anthem singer, but has announced beyonce will perform at the halftime show. in a move to avoid arbitration the san francisco giants reached one year contracts with four players, foremost among them buster posey who will receive $8 million plus award bonuses. that compares with 6 hub 15,000 last season -- 615,000 last season. hunter pence received a one
5:50 pm
year $13.8 million contract. gray whales are making a rare appearance along the san francisco coast. a viewer david cruz took this shot near the cliff house at ocean beach this afternoon. bileses say the whales are migrating -- biologists say the whales are migrating to mexico to have their calves and it's rare to see them this close to land. >> you can see all that sun bouncing on the water and i think this weather makes us forget where we were a week ago. am i right? a few days ago we had temperatures in the low to mid- 20s, still some cold overnights, but the afternoon temperatures are recovering nicely into the afternoon hours. right now just a few high clouds and some areas of fog to our north hugging the cape mendocino area, but mostly clear skies, maybe a few partly cloudy observations. wind speeds, nothing too impressive, maybe a stronger
5:51 pm
wind toward fairfield and livermore and nap arc 8 to 9 miles -- napa napa, 8 to 9 miles an hour. the extended forecast, more cloud cover and the chance for right now a slight chance of a few showers on the long range map. definitely cold numbers in the morning hours, santa rosa 29, fairfield the same, san jose in the upper 30s. the fog could impact visibility first thing saturday morning in patches. that's basically the concern for the overnight hours, but a chilly start for the bay area once again. high pressure is still firmly in place offshore and the storm track is heading off to our north. within temperatures, most areas in the 60s -- weekend temperatures, most areas in the 60s, a few neighborhoods in the
5:52 pm
70s. here's our forecast, no threat of rain tomorrow, lots of clear conditions for a good portion of the state saturday into sunday. here's a look at our forecast highs for saturday. you'll notice temperatures not a big change from the readings today, santa rosa mid-60s, antioch 60 degrees, san jose topping out at 65, morgan hill 66 degrees, santa cruz, one spot that will approach the lower 70s. that happened today. we expect a repeat performance tomorrow. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view rapidly approaching, not too much change for sunday, still looking nice for monday. of course, this is the time of year we could be talking about rain and we do need the rain. there could be a slight chance of a few light showers for wednesday, maybe a better chance for wednesday and beyond. if you like tonight, you'll like the weekend. they were part -- apart a
5:53 pm
whole year, a soldier's surprise return and they are daughter's tears of joy. and her joy -- and her daughter's tears of joy. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud.
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and ways to connect. the star on san francisco's pier 39 celebrated an anniversary today. for 23 years now the california sea lions have crowded onto the docks at pier 39 entertaining
5:56 pm
tourists and residents alike to celebrate the aquarium by the bay and the marine mammal center who teamed up to give educational walking tours. through monday naturalists will guide visitors to where the sea lions hang out. an army soldier gave her daughter a thrilling surprise this week coming home after a year in afghanistan to southern california. >> i missed everything about her. >> it was to say the least an emotional reunion. u.s. army specialist veronica velasquez showed up at her daughter's classroom. she hadn't seen her daughter since a year ago. >> birthdays, holidays, pretty much i missed everything a whole year. i can't really make up but just spend more time with her. >> reporter: what are your fears when she's away? >> that she doesn't get shot or
5:57 pm
anything because i'll miss her. >> she'll have two weeks home before heading to a new post but this time she'll stay stateside in new york. an 81-year-old woman suffered critical burns last night when her hayward apartment caught fire at 9:15. it appears the woman fell asleep smoking. the fire was put out in seven minutes. firefighters kept it from spreading to other apartments. >> it didn't burn our unit. it didn't catch our unit at all. >> the woman is in critical condition with burns to her face and arms. pressure is mounting for a notre dame football player manti te'o to speak publicly about being the victims of an apparent hoax. officials at notre dame said the heisman finalist was duped into dating a stanford grad who tragically died. it's been determined now she
5:58 pm
never existed. some suggest it was a false plea for sympathy. notre dame officials are urging te'o to speak publicly and clear up the confusion. a very unusual show of support outside a san jose courthouse today. >> please come clean! >> new at 6:00 the controversial murder case that prompted two south bay families to get into a brawl in two minutes. >> it seems like an unending battle, graffiti that crops up overnight and time and time again, the unusual partner police are working with to try to stop graffiti in one bay area city. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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